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How to use Trades

How to use Trades

If you want to mirror our portfolio in your account, the Trades page will help you stay up to date easily. On the other-hand if you prefer using Formula Stocks as a tool to find investing opportunities, see Suggestions and AI reports instead.

The trades and portfolio page go hand in hand.

The portfolio holdings shows exactly what stocks are in the Formula Stocks portfolio at any given time, and the trades page shows what trades the system makes on the last day of the month.

If you have mirrored the portfolio, you can use Trades to keep your portfolio up to date once a month.

There are 2 types of Trades: Buy and Sell:

Each trade will give you all the information you need to follow the system
- What company Formula Stocks bought or sold shares of.
- What price we bought or sold the shares at.
- How much we increased the position.

Note. Formula Stocks will often use dollar-cost averaging to reduce risk. It is expected that many of the same trades will repeat over time while the system is increasing its position in the company.

Buy trade

A buy trade in Formula Stocks will look like this:

In this example the system increased its position in a company with the ticker symbol BIG (Big lots Inc.)

The system bought more shares at an average price of $57.61

You can see that it increased its position in this company by 0.74% (of the total portfolio value).

And that the total portfolio allocation of this company is now 9.79%. That means that last month Formula Stocks had (9.79 - 0.74) = 9.05% of it's portfolio invested in this company.

If you go to the Portfolio page, you will see how this has already been reflected in it's current portfolio:

Sell trade

A sell trade in Formula Stocks will look like this:

In this case Formula Stocks sold all its shares in the company with ticker symbol: SCS (Steelcase Inc.)

It sold the shares at an average price of** $13.75** per share
The average price the system bought SCS for was $12.10 a share, resulting in a return of +13.64% for this round-trip trade. (not counting dividends)

Whenever you see a sell trade, that means out system sold all of its shares in that company.

To follow this trade you simply close your entire position in the company.

While rare, it is entirely possible that Formula Stocks doesn't make any trades during some months. If this happens it most likely means there were no buying opportunities that were good enough, or the system had no excess cash to purchase more shares. In this case to follow the system, you simply do nothing.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team and we'll do out best to help you out.

Updated on: 21/08/2021

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