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Why is there no AI Report for X company?

Why is there no AI Report for X company?

It requires a lot of high quality & reliable data to generate our AI reports. Because of this, it is not easy, simple or even possible to include all stocks in the world.

Our AI Reports are limited to stocks traded on the following 3 exchanges:


To make an accurate evaluation of a company, our AI reports also require at least 7 years of data while the company has been traded on one of the above exchanges.

Lastly our system only analyzes stocks with a minimum market cap. This helps Formula Stocks to avoid liquidity issues as it takes a lot less to move the stock price of a smaller company.

If the company you are looking for doesn't have an AI Report, it is probably because we don't have enough data to accurately evaluate it or it's too small / new to be considered.

Updated on: 17/08/2021

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